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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Download Swift Shader 3.0 Free Full Version

Swift Shader 3.0

Swift Shader 3.0 (Pixel Shader) Download:

Swift Shader 3.0 which is also known as Pixel Shader, is a software that is used by usually those people who have a low graphic card that means they are unable to play some games or may be if they can play the game play too slow and one can't enjoy the game fully. So for those game lovers Swift Shader 3.0 is here for those to help them play those games easily. SwiftShader Software program GPU Toolkit is the world's fastest and most versatile normal-function pure software program 3D rendering technology.

For 3D rendering in situations the place a dedicated separate GPU is unavailable or unsuitable, SwiftShader has no equal in performance. Main benchmarks running the SwiftShader carry out as much as a hundred occasions faster than traditional software program renders. SwiftShader can even achieve performance that matches or surpasses integrated graphics hardware on certain configurations. With help for both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture, Swift Shader can run natively throughout multiple platforms, constructing upon TransGaming's present technological prowess.

Swift Shader 3.0

SwiftShader’s modular architecture is capable of supporting a number of application programming interfaces, corresponding to DirectX® 9.0, and OpenGL® ES 2.0, the same APIs that builders are already using for present video games and applications. This makes it doable to instantly integrate Swift Shader 3.0 into functions with none modifications to source code. SwiftShader know-how can even support customized entrance-end APIs that have been explicitly constructed for a particular application.

Swift Shader 3.0 achieves this unprecedented stage of efficiency by dynamically compiling extremely optimized code specific to an software’s 3D rendering needs, and executing that code throughout all out there CPU cores in parallel.

How To Use Swift Shader 3.0:

1. After downloading the file you will get a rar file, extract it.
2. You will get two folders and help file, these two folders are named x64 and x86, in each one there is a d3d9.dll.
3. If your Operating system is 32-bit- Go to x86 folder, copy d3d9.dll and paste it in your game's folder(Usually C:/Program Files/<game's name>)


If your Operating system is 64-bit, copy d3dx9.dll from x64 folder.
4. Now Run the game, the game works. Have fun...
It works for most of the games.

How to remove Swift Shader logo from game screen:

(I Don't know if it works or not.)
You need a "hex editor" to do this. Easy to find free one just google it.

1. Once you run the editor, load up the DLLs, and search for "96 00 00 00 C8 00 00 00" without the quotes.
2. Then, replace the 96 and c8 with 01.
3. You should now have "01 00 00 00? 01 00 00 00".
4. Don't touch anything else, just save your file.

Swift Shader 3.0 Screenshots

Download Swift Shader 3.0

Download Swift Shader 3.0

Download Swift Shader 3.0

 Download SwiftShader 3.0 

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