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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Download Monopoly Here and Now Games Full Version

Monopoly Here and Now Games Free Download

Monopoly Here and Now Eddition:

Game Description:

Monopoly Here And Now Game is a very nice and popular Business Game and when you play it, you are going to love it. Play this amazing version of the best known and loved Monopoly game that brings this timeless family treat to vivid life like never before. Just Roll the Dice and watch the cleverly animated tokens bounce around the board. Challenge your friends and family to exciting Monopoly fun, or play against an advanced AI with multiple difficulty settings. Even change the rules to suit your own tastes and styles! A stirring update to a game that's been a family favorite for more than 70 years, Monopoly is a must-have for any game library. Whether you're creating new cherished memories, or rekindling your youth, Monopoly is always the favorite choice! 

Official Game Rules:
The object of Monopoly ® Here & Now Eddition is to become the wealthiest player by buying, renting, selling, and trading landmark properties.

House Rules:
Initial Cash: 
The Initial Cash given to the Player, is may be $5M,  $10M,  $15M or $25M. This is the amount of cash each player starts with. Just make sure to use it wisely if you want to win the game. Don't be too happy that you get so much to start with.

Thats the amount of cash given to the user when pass through GO in Monopoly. We can say its Salary and it may be $0, $1M, $2M, $4M. Thats what you get when you pass through GO.

Free Parking Jackpot:
The amount i-e $0, $2.5M, $5M or Tax a Player is Paid if he/she lands on Free Parking. Selecting Tax here will place all taxes paid in the game into the Free Parking Jackpot.

Income Tax Rate:
The Income Tax Rate may be 0%, 5%, 10% 15%. Players can choose between % and Flat Tax Rates when landing on income tax square. This option lets you modify the % charged for landing on this square. Remember this is a % of your net worth which includes your money in the Bank, all properties owned, and all improvements on those properties.

Interest on Credit Card Debit:
This is the monetary amount charged for landing on the "Interest on Credit Card Debit". You may be charged $0, $750K, $1.5M, $3M once you land on that square.

Maximum Turns in Jail:
The Player is kept in Jail may be for 1, 2, 3, or 4 turns if he/she does not pay the Bail or Roll doubles. 

Mortgage House Rate:
Home Mortgages for bad credit can be done in this game. Mean the percent of interest is charged for mortgaging your properties when i player Un-mortagages properties or inherits mortgaged properties from a bankrupt player. When you have very low money and you have to to pay the other player then a very good option is to Mortage your Houses and when you have good money then un-mortage that houses if again adverse situation comes then again do the same and this is called Adverse Credit Remortgages.

Tips & Tricks:
Houses have better ROI or "Return On Investment" than Hotels - you'll get more bang for your buck if you max out on Houses, but don't build any Hotels. If the "Limited Houses" setting is on in the House Rules, you'll also cause a "housing shortage" for the other players that will prevent them from building up their properties.

Make sure you keep enough money on hand at all times to pay rent and avoid bankruptcy.

Fun Facts Of Monopoly:
- Mr. Monopoly is the name of the MONOPOLY® man.
- Hundreds, possibly thousands of officially sanctioned Monopoly editions have been published including: Astronomy, Coca-Cola, Elvis, Las Vegas, NHL, Peanuts, Simpsons, and Wizard of Oz.
- The total amount of money in a standard MONOPOLY® game is $15,140.
- When a player lands on an unowned property and decides not to buy it, the property goes to auction.
- There are 22 properties that can be built upon.

System Requirements:
CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed: 166 MHz
RAM Required: 32 MB
Hard Disk Space: 50 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: 800x600
Color Depth: High Color

 Game Screenshots 

Monopoly Here and Now Games Free Download

Monopoly Here and Now Games Free Download

Monopoly Here and Now Games Free Download

Monopoly Here and Now Games Free Download

Monopoly Here and Now Games Free Download

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