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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Download Angry Birds Space PC Game Full Free

Angry Birds Space download
Download Angry Birds Space PC Game Full

Angry Birds Space

Game Description

Angry Birds Space download
Angry Birds Space PC is the 4th version of the Angry Birds series. The game is created by Rovio as the game gained huge popularity in very less time and became the most lovable mobile and PC game. There are lots of comprehensive changes in the latest version of the game such as zero gravity, secret goodies and levels, 60 levels and much more.

This is a game which has a very unique story line and the graphics is also awesome which makes Angry Birds Space very popular. You can download this game for free on your windows PC. Anyone can play this game because the controls are easy to use and game is also simple. Angry Birds Space new version has added some new features like more super powers, new birds, new powers and many more. If you have the previous version of this game then you know what I am talking about but for new gamers I will recommend this game to you because the game is cool and I like fighting and power kind of game. Angry Birds Space latest version has new backgrounds, new birds, Zero-gravity space, new super powers, bonus levels, and 60 levels to play. The game story is some few bad pigs has stolen the eggs from the birds and now the birds are now going to get back their eggs from the bad pigs.

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New Birds in Angry Birds Space:

Another striking feature of the new version of the game is the launch of 6 new birds with different super powers.

New Lazer Birds:
The new Lazer Birds is purple birds which are brought in place of yellow birds. It will be exciting to see how they fly under the zero gravity conditions.

New Red Birds:
The Red Bird is more powerful than ever. They are all time favourites and will try to get there flock home.

Blue Birds:
The blue birds are once again back in Angry Birds Space. They are here for fun and for causing mischief.

Black Birds:
The black bird will explode in irritation. The bomb will use their heat shock wave to explode anything in their path.

Green Birds:
Green birds will protect their friends at any cost. They are also known as Big Brother Bird.

New Ice Birds:
New introduction to the game will freeze anything into solid which comes into its way.

Some New Cool Features:

- 60 interstellar levels.
- Free updates
- Regular free updates.
- Brand new birds.
- Brand new superpowers.
- Zero-gravity space adventures.
- Trick shots using planets’ gravity.
- Hidden bonus levels.
- Beautifully detailed backgrounds.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2
RAM: 512MB
CPU: 1 GHz
Graphic Card: OpenGL 1.3 compatible


Angry Birds Space Screenshot

Angry Birds Space Screenshot

Angry Birds Space Screenshots

Angry Birds Space Screenshot

Angry Birds Space Screenshots

 Angry Birds Space Gameplay 

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